Weblogic Consultant


  • Must have at least 3 years’ experience in Weblogic product support.
  • Must have strong administration support skills in Weblogic product support in an RHEL environment and strong communication and documentation skills.
  • Be able to lead and coordinate the design, development, implementation and support of specialized business and technical information technology solutions.
  • This person is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Weblogic and will provide planning and technical support.
  • This resource will be the primary point of contact for Weblogic Product throughout the application life cycle.
  • In this role, the individual will ensure Weblogic readiness compliance; propose architectural solutions to support Weblogic requirements for high availability, reliability, security, etc.
  • Must be willing to handle complexity and troubleshoot various technical scenarios on various software platforms.

Required Skills and/or Product Knowledge:

  • Ability to analyze and provide input and guidance on third party assessments
  • Need a resource fully knowledgeable with the Weblogic software.
  • Must have experience with installing and configuring Weblogic on RHEL based operating system.
  • Must be able to provide installation, optimization, and troubleshooting support for the Weblogic and associated Weblogic products.
  • Must be able to work with Developers who design, develop, code test and implement the approved design and technical models incorporating the business rules and data requirements
  • Document the modified application design, code, logic, packages, modules or triggers in the appropriate tool and update the operations manual.
  • Will work with a team supporting the customer.