Six Reasons Why Companies Utilize Boutique Staffing Firms

“Why should companies utilize recruitment agencies rather than their own Human Resources Departments and effective hiring managers?” I am often asked this question from concerned job-seeking businesses. Companies use internal departments to place candidates over staffing resources all the time. However, with influence from the Great Recession, progressive recovery is shifting the way people hire their employees. Specialized, boutique-styled recruiters have become the safe-cushion in staffing. “Often, HR departments are overwhelmed by technical jargon and struggle to bring both sides together”  https://www.remycorp.com/six-reasons-always-trust-recruiter-3/. Recruitment agencies act as the channel connecting the candidate to the client, efficiently and effectively. We work with hiring managers to place the most qualified candidates for any open position, taking full responsibly for any mishaps along the way. And in today’s tech-savvy society, positions are becoming more complex and getting harder to fill, therefore specialized recruitment agencies are great resources for filling your most challenging requirements. Here are the six reasons why companies are utilizing specialized staffing firms.

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  1. Save Time and Energy

The rise of the internet has created new avenues for hiring managers and job seekers alike. Hiring managers can advertise openings to millions of job seekers at a time. These job seekers can apply with as little as a single click. Unfortunately, this high volume of applicants is often overwhelming. Many interested applicants will bite back, but not match the requirements of the role.

“New number for Career Builder and the American Staffing Association say more than 90% of growing companies use placement firms to find the perfect candidate for their job – temporary, contract, or permanent – because they simply don’t have the time for the full vetting candidate process.”  http://www.disys.com/top-5-reasons-to-use-staffing-firms-as-your-primary-hiring-strategy/

Employment websites can be very expensive and challenging to navigate. Too often these expensive systems give way to internal processes that are lengthy and difficult to understand.

“HR Directors in the UK spend 27.59 days on average recruiting for open positions within their organization. – HR Directors risk losing out on qualified candidates to other opportunities because of the length of the recruitment process.” http://theundercoverrecruiter.com/hr-directors-recruit-positions/

Specialized staffing firms separate wheat from the chaff and present only qualified candidates for review by hiring managers.

  1. Understand Specific Job Requirements

Experienced recruiters know what to look for in a job description and the good ones read between the lines to distill the key points hiring managers really want. Like any profession, with time comes experience. If specific needs are acquired for a position, most likely an experienced recruitment agency has already placed a similar position in the past and therefore, can quickly find you the right resource. For example, Remy Corporation has been recruiting since 1999 for Information Technology positions across all industries, placing thousands of diverse IT positions. You need a position filled fast, we recognize similarities of past successes and know where to find them.

  1. Vast Obtainable Networks of Qualified Candidates

The number one reason companies use recruitment agencies is for their instant access to networks of qualified candidates. If you are working with an established and knowledgeable staffing agency, your chances of quickly obtaining a qualified candidate increase significantly.

“They should know the available talent, where they are and how to reach out to them, salary rates, and career expectations, availability skill-set and current hiring complexities.” http://info.broadbean.com/blog/6-advantages-of-hiring-through-a-recruitment-agency

  1. Try Before You Buy

Employers attempt to avoid risk and costly mistakes during the hiring process. Staffing firms provide security in their candidates, especially when the company acquires contract workers over permanent positions. With the responsibility riding on recruiters’ shoulders, a company is provided with the best options for the positions and can focus on what is more important, hiring the right person from a highly qualified pool. If candidates fail to meet clients’ expectations, reputable staffing organizations offer money-back guarantees or backfill the position with a new candidate free of charge.

  1. Maintain Credibility with Hiring Managers across Industries

Large recruiting firms lack personal relationships with hiring managers because they have to generate more volume. This volume comes in the form of numerous accounts with less time invested in individual customers. Boutique recruiters maintain closer, more personal relationships with hiring managers in order to provide tailored solutions. Security, trust and reliability grow from these close relationships. Recruiters at these small firms are dedicated to their clients’ success because they have invested considerable time and effort into these relationships.

  1. Guarantee Hire

Our reputation is on the line when we submit a candidate. Our hope is that the first one is the perfect fit. We understand that you invest time and money into every new hire, we want to make the process as simple and inexpensive as possible. If the person that we bring on is not living up to your highest expectations, we will find you a better fit, or refund our fee.


Not every business feels the need to work with a staffing agency. Sometimes we are only used for one staffing project. At the end of the day, we want what’s best for your company. Working with a staffing agency will provide your business with more time, flexibility, and allows you to save money during the hiring process. If you are ever in need of qualified IT personnel, Remy will be waiting for your call.

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