During and Following a Pandemic

Whether it be the loss of a business, steady income or much more, it is no surprise that everyone has been economically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Back in April of this year, the unemployment rate reached an all-time high for the United States. However, as our economy slowly starts to turn around, business owners are faced with a challenge of obtaining quality employees due to a competitive market. As you attempt to rebuild your business, partnering with an experienced staffing and consulting agency to on board temporary contract workers can be the most constructive solution during this chaotic and uncertain time.

Cost Effective

Millions took a huge globally financial hit during the pandemic. And with the devastating economic blow, many companies were forced to downsize in order to keep their business afloat. Upon reopening, replenishing a reliable workforce is also essential but let’s face it, full-time employees are expensive. Hiring full-time employee’s means taking on health insurance, PTO, employer taxes, workers compensation and much more. By utilizing the resources provided by experienced staffing agencies, you can not only get the quality of work desired, but at a significantly reduced cost in comparison to covering the financial burdens of full-time employment, especially after a pandemic.

Save Time

Securing a competent, reliable workforce can be extremely demanding and time consuming, with or without a pandemic set back. Veteran staffing and consulting firms not only have the years of experience, but they have the resources readily available through extensive databases and networking. Staffing agencies, like the Remy Corporation have qualified talent eagerly awaiting their next opportunity. The entire process, from the initial job request to finalizing the on boarding process can take a brief 48 hour turn around. By collaborating with an experienced staffing firm, your business can use that valuable time reestablishing your business.

Safe Recruiting

Quality staffing and consulting firms not only manage the headhunting process of recruiting, but they can also offer thorough background screening and skill testing. However, there is always room for error. If an active consultant is not fulfilling your company’s requirements; there is a sense of security when working with a staffing firm. Respected staffing firms, like the Remy Corporation, provide a guaranteed satisfaction arrangement. If needs are not being met, the staffing firm will handle the off-boarding process and locate a replacement resource as soon as possible in order to limit the disruption of your functioning business. In addition, invoicing for that consultant can be altered or voided completely, depending on the terms of the agreement.


Hiring full-time employees can be both expensive and challenging. That is why on boarding contract workers through a staffing agency is enticing for businesses who are seeking qualified workers, but with low risk. From a contractor’s perspective, the flexibility of a contract is also intriguing. And in a world where businesses are still expected to work at limited capacity or remote, hiring temporary contractors to meet deadlines and deliver results is a great solution to the gradual regrowth of one’s business.

While the pandemic remains persistent and unfaltering, we are starting to see some positive changes in our economy. As of August 13th, 2020, jobless claims show the number of Americans filing for unemployment has dropped to below one million, the lowest it’s been since the start of the pandemic. However, the fluctuating job market is anticipated because the job market has always been transparent. And quality staffing firms recognize these patterns and adapt. Therefore, partnering with experienced staffing and consulting agencies is a reliable resource and hiring temporary contractors is a strategic alternative for your business at this time, or anytime.