Find a Job

What can Remy do for you?


Remy provides you with an influx of career resources to ensure your resume and interviewing skills are the best they can be based on industry standards and expectations. Your interview is not limited to the time you spend with the interviewer… It is how you represent yourself at all times, and we understand that. We genuinely want you to present you at your best, and the resources we provide will help achieve this!


Now that you have polished up your resume, it is time to start applying for jobs! As a remy candidate, instead of searching through hundreds of positions, the job opportunities comes to you. Once we receive your resume, we compare your qualifications to our open jobs to find just the right job for you. Not interested in what we find? We will keep looking. Intrigued by what we find? We will submit your resume and help you get your foot in the door for the next step!


If our client sees you as a good fit for the applied position, congratulations…You’ve scored an interview!  This is a huge accomplishment in and of itself. You have successfully made it through the hardest part of the job search process: landing an interview. We will prepare you, explain in detail all you need to know before the interview and be there for you every step of the way. By the time the interview date rolls around, you’ll be prepared and ready! Plus, you’ll have us there rooting for you.

The Next Step

A round of applause is deserved at this step! After the interview, we will follow up with both you and our client to negotiate the details. If all goes well, we will return to you with an offer! Landing a new job is a big deal, and nothing makes us happier than to be a part of your new opportunity to shine.  And you can rest assured that if this specific position isn’t quite the perfect fit, Remy will continue to work to find the perfect fit!

Know of a Perfect Candidate for the Job?

We already love and trust the candidates we do know. What better way to increase our talent pool than referrals from those candidates? Our goal is to build on an already-established base of hard-working candidates who deliver the right results the first time around.

Remy offers a great way for you and your friends to benefit from our referral process. You are helping us to grow and that makes us very grateful. In return, we reward you and help your friends with their job searches.

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